Tuesday, May 10, 2005

My future

Hi everybody,
Today I´d like to speak about something that has happened to me recently. Two weeks ago I had a very important interview with some people from Massachusetts. These people belong to the goverment of that state. The thing is that I sent my application last December to be a Spanish teacher in Boston, Massachusetts. My candidature was choosen and I was called to have an interview. The meeting took place last 20th of April.
I was very nervous because of the interview. There were a lot people there waiting to be called. I had to wait for almost 5 hours until they finished with the people who were before me. When I entered to the room, I thougt I was about to explode. They asked me many questions about what kind of teacher I was, how my classes was, how I could teach thing like Industrial Revolutions, so on. After all, I didn´t feel well because I believed that I failed a lot. However, my surprised was that I had been choosen and I´m going to teach in Massachusetts next course. I need to wait for news from the superintendent to know where I am going to be send.
As you imagine I´m very happy.
Kisses to all.

Sunday, March 20, 2005

TESOL Convention

The TESOL last convention took place in Seville from 11 to 13 of March. The choosen place was the old building of Filología (before a tobaco fabric). It has been my first experience in these events and my opinion about it has been very favorable. I have shared tables and material with many famous English writers such as Jeremy Harmer who worked with me in the portfpolio conference. There has been incredibles moments in some courses for example in Montse Watkin´s course. She works in International House of Madrid and she gave us a lot of ideas about how to teach children. Hilary Plass spoke of The potfolio, which is very interesting now because of is new. Finally, the atmosphere has been very relaxing in spite of the stress due to the amount of courses that had hold at the same time.
I strongly belive that it´s a fantastic way to learn more about the new techniques in teaching.

Thursday, March 10, 2005


Today a teacher from Toledo´s CAP has come to our Didactic lesson to explain us what a portfolio is. It has been very interesting becuase finally I have been able to understand the aim of the portfolio.
As I see it, It a good way for the teacher to know how the learning process of their students is. The children can also enjoy with the process.
It has been just a fisrt contact with this project but I think, it was useful for us to see a real one.
I have asked about the possiblity to have one pack in the university but Maruja (the cap teacher) has told me that it was difficult to get one for many teacher at the mament.
I would like to have more contacts with the physical portfolio in order to be able to use it in my classes in the future.

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

2nd march class

I´traying to probe if this works.
Today we were traying to use yahoo messenger but it wasn´t available at the school. What I did was to start with the blog in order to post my ideas about the English lessons. In this moment I have to go but I promise you to write my thougts soon.